Featured Artist: Tyler Spangler

Building on our commitment to partnering with like-minded artists and creators, we are excited to collaborate with digital collage artist Tyler Spangler on a collection for Summer 2018. Often describing his work as ‘a high school yearbook on acid’, Tyler has made a name for himself with his obsessively creative nature, creating hundreds of pieces a year and sharing them through social media and on his website. Tyler’s work merges worlds of old and new, often using aged black and white photos juxtaposed with vividly colored background patterns. 

In preparation for the release of his collection we sat down with Tyler to talk a little bit about his influences and where he comes from.


Hey Tyler! So stoked you could talk with us for a minute, can you tell us a little bit about where you’re from and where you live now?

I lived my entire life in Southern California, mainly Orange County beaches. Living at the beach and surfing and skating growing up had a huge influence on my style. I loved the super bright colors of surf culture and sunny California. I just recently moved to Seattle with my family because my wife is starting medical school at the University of Washington. It is quite a change not having a beach or the sun for half the year.


We understand you’re a pretty big horror movie fan, how did this you effect you starting to make art?

When I was in elementary school I was fascinated with Nightmare on Elm Street and even before that I loved the Goosebumps books and the Nickelodeon show Are You Afraid Of The Dark. I would try to draw the stories I was seeing on my homework and it caught the eye of my teachers, for better or worse. I think a lot of these elements are still prevalent in my work. I have since added a lot more humor and color though to balance out the grimness. 


You’re into punk music and ran a venue for a while, what happened to that?

I’ve always been into punk and metal music but it wasn’t until I saw a really cool local band that I wanted to start booking shows for them which eventually led to running a venue. There weren’t many all age venues in orange or Los Angeles county which made it hard to get shows and for a lot of fans to actually see the shows. I had the naive idea to rent a warehouse on Craigslist and just start having concerts in it. It lasted longer then I expected, 3 weeks, before it was ultimately shut down by the police. But in those 3 weeks I managed to have 13 shows with local bands and even some touring international bands. It was really exciting to be able to book the bands, design the flyers, and try to make everything run smoothly during the show. I still do a lot of album cover and flyer design and it remains one of my favorite types of work.


Let’s talk about the boards you just made for us, they look super cool, what were you thinking about when you came up with those designs?

 I was stoked on Penny boards when they first came out. I was working at a surf shop and always thought how cool they would look with my art on them. Fast forward to now and I got to reimagine what I would want on my own board. Essentially I just wanted to make something that I would be stoked to see on my wall or under my feet. I definitely wanted to have them super bright and fun which is why I chose the neon palette.


How would you say skateboarding fits into your life?

Being away from the beach it’s an awesome alternative to surfing. It’s really humbling to be able to contribute to a culture that has had such a big impact on my upbringing.


That’s everything! Thanks so much for talking with us for a minute, what’s next for you up there?

Surfing with a hood, exploring the forests, and continuing to make work that I love.

Check out the collection and listen to some of Tyler’s favorite tunes below!



Learn more about Tyler and see behind the scenes photos at: pennyskateboards.com/spangler

Check out Tyler’s website to see more of his artwork: https://society6.com/tylerspangler

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