Burger Boogaloo 2018 Recap

We traveled up to Oakland, Ca for a full weekend of awesome music and good vibes. The event was hosted by John Waters and acts including Devo, The Spitz, Le Shok, Firestarter, The Fly Traps and more! Here’s a recap of the event:

All weekend long festival goers had a first look, and were able to buy the new #BurgerXPennySkateboards board!

Giant beach balls soaring through the crowed, talk about a fun time!

Backstage for Quintron & Miss Pussycat

Some rad festival goers with their new boards!

Complete legends, DEVO!!

Not only was the music and vibe on point, so was the festival style!


We had an amazing weekend at Burger Boogaloo, we can’t wait to go back next year! Follow along with us on Instagram for more of our adventures!