Is A Penny Board Worth It?

Is A Penny Board Worth It?

We definitely think so, but don't take our word for it. Here's what one customer, Jan Xue said:

"The penny board is the ultimate utility board, it far outperforms all other boards (and most lightweight transportation tools) in commuting, practicability, style and travel without equal.

For reference, I am 6′ with size 10.5 shoes, so “too tall” for a Penny Board (22"). 5 years ago I first got a full sized long board, but I quickly realised it was not that practical for carrying around.

So I purchased a Nickel Cruiser (27″). It became my primary board and got about 90% of my riding. I carried it with me everywhere, including airplane trips across the country.

I tried out a penny board (22″). And I feel sad having to “retire” my Nickel cruiser that I have so many memories of, but it simply could not compete with the (22") Penny board.

  1. The grip tape on wooden boards which many people love, scratches EVERYTHING, I have accidentally scratched my hand, pants, sunglasses, etc. Plus I have to be careful even holding my board because I could cut my hand. The plastic grid grip on the penny board means I won’t even have to worry about hurting my hand while lugging it around, I don’t have to divert attention to hold the board properly. The plastic grip offers enough grip, but it offers far more practicality.

  2. It’s waterproof. I can step in a puddle or wet pavement and then get back on the board without fear. I don’t have to worry about damaging my board if my hands are ever wet. How about grabbing the board after washing my hands? I don’t have to worry about spilling food/drink on it. AND I can even wash it with water when it gets too dirty. My mini cruiser still has mud stains on it because it’s virtually impossible to clean, I can’t even scrub it because of the grip tape. With a wooden board I have to baby sit it in order to not damage it with water.

  3. It’s smaller, leaner and lighter, Nickel boards are 27″, Penny boards are 22″, simply put it's more practical. A full sized long board that is sitting at home because it’s just not practical enough for that day is worthless compared to a Penny I carry almost everyday.

  4. The narrow board means I can put larger wheels on it, due to the angle of a turn. I just placed 70mm wheels on my Penny without wheel bite, try that with a wider board.

For all the naysayers who say Penny's are “too small” for an adult male. I am proving them wrong. Simply put, get better at riding. Now I won’t recommend a Penny 22" as a first board due to its difficulty in riding. But I see it as the highest level of skate commuting. For a start, go with a 27" Nickel board.

When I have children, I’ll be teaching them Long board (36") —> Nickel Board (27") —> Penny board (22")"