Are Penny Boards Good For Kids?

Are Penny Boards Good For Kids?

Definitely! The learning experience can be different for everyone, but there's been hundreds and thousands of kids learning to skate on Penny's all around the world.

We've got heaps of reviews that you can check out from real customers! We included their age range and skate experience too, just to help you get an idea of how they found their Penny experience! Here's a few that relate to kids getting on Penny boards.

Patricia M 🇺🇸

"It was a great starter board for my 11 year old. The Penny board is easy to manoeuvre. Friends had cheaper boards, but the wheels were not as good as the Penny board. The wheels rolled smoothly over bumpy streets. The deck was great and held up unbelievably. It’s still used as of now."

Phillip C 🇺🇸

"My daughter doesn't walk anymore. I bought this as a birthday gift for my daughter in May. I think she's spent more time standing on the board than the ground since then. I love the quality of this and she thinks it's the best gift I've ever given her. Great board!"

Rachel K 🇺🇸

"Best Board. My 12 year old had all kinds of boards and now this is the only one he rides."

Rebecca C 🇺🇸

"Beautiful board. My daughter has been asking for a Penny board for a year now. We purchased one for Christmas and she is in love. She is just learning and the board is a perfect fit for her 11yr old tiny self! I look forward to her gaining confidence on the board and trying new tricks!"

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